Why Metre?

Healthcare is complex and we get it. Instead of being a generalist for every industry, we are specialists in just one—healthcare. Our seasoned consultants have ten or more years of experience responding to RFPs in the healthcare industry. What that means for you is a knowledgeable, more efficient partner who can hit the ground running.

If you are wondering what is behind our name, Metre (mēder) is defined as the basic pulse and rhythm in a piece of music—without it, music is just noise. The value we bring to your organization is developing targeted messages based on the specific needs of your client so that it sounds like music to their ears instead of just a lot of noise. By applying measured and proven methodologies, we create a project tempo that minimizes stress and allows the whole team to do their best work within their area of expertise. Working in concert, we can position you to win.

We Value…


Choosing kindness no matter how hard it gets


Creating genuine relationships that deliver real results

Do the right thing

Acting with integrity to deliver on our promises

Expect Excellence

Believing that good enough is not good enough


Intentionally flexible without compromising quality


Willingness to make bold moves to achieve big things


Contagious enthusiasm for the work we do

Meet the Owner…

Robin Davis, CF APMP Fellow

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Robin founded Metre in 2009 after a downsizing and reorganization left her seeking new opportunities. Having rolled up her sleeves to build an award-winning proposal department for the industry’s leading disease management and wellness company, Robin was soon recruited by other healthcare companies to help them do the same.

A prestigious Fellow of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), Robin is an industry leader known for her passion to elevate the proposal profession. She teaches and mentors those around her and those coming up behind her and is a favored speaker at industry events. In her 20 years as a member of APMP, she has served as leader of the Healthcare Industry Task Force, member of the International Board of Directors, and chair of her local mid-south chapter. Robin joined the esteemed international Entrepreneurs Organization in 2019 and currently serves on the board of directors for the Nashville chapter.

Want to know what Robin is like to work with—what makes her uniquely powerful? Using Gallup’s Clifton Strengths assessment to identify what makes up a person’s talent DNA, the following are her top five strengths.

  1. Activator – She makes things happen by turning thoughts into actions.
  2. Responsibility – She takes psychological ownership of what she says she will do and is committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.
  3. Connectedness – She has faith in the links between all things. She believes there are few coincidences and that almost every event has meaning.
  4. Achiever – She works hard and possesses a great deal of stamina. She takes immense satisfaction in being productive.
  5. Arranger – She can organize and likes to determine how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.

In her spare time, she enjoys meeting and making new friends at the craft beer taproom and restaurant she owns with her wife. She takes advantage of all the live music available in Nashville and loves to travel to the mountains of Asheville, NC, the beaches of St. Croix, USVI, and the Finger Lakes Region of New York where she grew up.

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