Metre helps you win business and reach your sales goals by specializing in all things RFP/proposal related.Whatever your specific need, we’ve got you covered. We leverage our knowledge and experience in health care and proposals to help you win business in B2B, local and state government, Medicaid, and Medicare markets.

In short, we can:

  • Manage your RFP projects from beginning to end
  • Help you articulate your value in a meaningful way
  • Help you see through the eyes of your customers so that you win more often
  • Create easy-to-understand content that you can reuse
  • Build and implement proven, repeatable proposal processes
  • Fill resource gaps with highly skilled and experienced proposal professionals
  • Train and empower your proposal teams to do their best work

When you engage with Metre, we listen to your needs and build a plan to help you reach your goals. We meet you where you are, not the other way around. Feel free to browse through our list of core services for additional detail. Then, let’s talk.

“When working with consultants, we typically find that we must spend a lot of time bringing them up to speed about our business. We didn’t have to do that with Metre because they already have that knowledge. We also feel like we’re doing all the work when engaging with consultants. But with Metre, they did a lot of the work so we didn’t have to. And it was better quality than what we would have been able to do.
The result was a proposal that helped us win the business.”
Andrew Garland, VP of Client Relations and External Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
 “Metre took a giant burden off our team so that we could contribute in a meaningful way, instead of trying to do this off the side of our desk. We also learned a lot that we’ll be able to reuse.
The residual value of working with Metre is huge.”
Cyrus Walker, Executive Director of Account Management, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas