Find your rhythm.


Metre or meter (mēder) is the rhythm of a piece of music. Without it, music is just noise. At Metre, we help our clients find their rhythm—in their processes and in telling their story. We are APMP-Certified proposal development consultants helping our clients win business through proposals. We set the cadence of your project to minimize chaos and create compelling content that cuts through the noise and gets to what matters most to your audience.

“Simply stated, Robin (Metre’s CEO) is one of the most gifted, dedicated and honest people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. In the many hundreds of interactions I’ve had with her over the years, she has never failed to deliver upon her promises, exceeding the most demanding expectations and frankly serving as the benchmark against which the performance of her peers would be judged.”

Eric Schrumpf, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marathon Health


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